Halmanera | Shooting SS19


"Creating a recognizable and unmistakable brand identity."

Halmanera is a brand of shoes: essential, minimalist, progressive, made with passion in the Marche region by Italian craftsmen. What arrives on the market is a designer shoe that conveys not only careful attention to detail and high quality raw materials, but above all the evidence of a distinctive identity. Halmanera's finished products are completely different, in design and concept, from what competitors offer on the market.


We had to create professional photographic content to be included on the website and social media pages and published in trade magazines. An image that would reflect and transmit to customers the originality and quality of the product.


We took care of the artistic direction of the photo shoot: from the research of the model to the outfit and makeup, from photography to styling, from the design of the set, to the inspirations to refer to in order to convey the history of the brand. Through the shots we told the identity of the shoes, the story of their creation and the idea of the creators. We reached, as final result, a photograph capable of excitement, consistent with the style and vision of the customer, but above all designed for the product, diversified from what was already on the market: powerful and unmistakable as the work that was going to represent.

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