Filippo Laterza


"The harmony between aesthetics and digital strategy"

Filippo is a very young designer (1995, Gioia del Colle, Bari) who grew up in his grandmother's atelier where, since he was a child, he began his love story with fabrics and fashion. He grew up professionally under the guidance of maestro Stefano Cavalleri, father of junior fashion and, following the presentation and fashion show at AltaRoma, critics called him "the enfant prodige" of Italian fashion. Today, he boasts the realization of several fashion shows, the export of his clothes to the East and the signing of a kids wear capsule for a large group based in Shanghai.


Filippo did not have a website that would allow him to be known in an ever-changing world - that of fashion - where a digital image is essential to show his creations. Filippo is a young, talented and visionary guy, who came to us with very clear ideas about what he wanted to convey.


We created a website for him, with a design in line with his personal preferences and tastes but, at the same time, effective and able to make his brand known online and, therefore, in every part of the world. By adopting strategies that ensure a quick and easy navigation experience for users, we were able to transfer Filippo's elegance and artistic touch within the interface. What worries us is not only satisfying the customer, but above all making him achieve his goal and reach this goal together. For this reason in the realization of a project we never follow only our personal taste or the indications of those who commission the work from us, merely "executing" a request. Rather, we look for the optimal solution, which is able to respect the client's wishes and vision, but which also guarantees the use of the best digital strategies and communication that best describes it.